Veridix AI targets biobanks with real-time specimen tracking technology


GlobalTrace, the specimen tracking and chain of custody solution from Veridix AI – the technology arm of the Emmes Group – is now being offered to global customers as a standalone service.

The CRO expects new markets to be a key part of its growth strategy, as biobanking and related biospecimen shipping services seek more robust solutions, particularly as a new report highlights the risk factors associated with current inventory management approaches.

The system enables central oversight and control of biological specimen assets, including specimen attributes, links to clinical data, current and previous locations, shipment workflow, issue management and can also monitor aliquoted/pooled specimens.

Biobanking centres are potentially a key beneficiary of the new service, with the report pointing to inefficiencies in manual tracking, disjointed inventory systems, and manual reconciliation and error correction as major areas of concern.

Cell and gene therapy delivery is another area where current digital tracking solutions are needed to replace the paper-based documentation often used in clinical trials. Especially, as they require removing cells from a patient or donor, modifying them, and then reintroducing to a patient. These can be costly treatments and require a robust tracking and chain of custody solution.

“Our new report identified biobanking as another critical supply chain that could be made safe and more transparent with the real-time tracking. So with the rise in the number of samples taken globally we have opened up GlobalTrace as standalone, and already we are seeing strong interest from biobanking centres, hospital networks and pharma companies looking for robust and scalable chain of custody solutions,” said Manjunath Shanabag, Veridix AI VP of Sales.

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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