Vector and iBET collaborate to accelerate gene delivery platform

Virus-like particles

Vector BioPharma and the Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (iBET) have agreed a multi-phase collaboration to advance the technical development of Vector’s gene delivery platform. 

Vector BioPharma’s gene delivery platform combines high-capacity virus-like particles with exogenous, high-avidity adapter proteins. 

Lorenz Mayr, CEO at Vector BioPharma, said: “Collaboration with industry-leading R&D institutions and researchers in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector is key to accelerating the development of Vector BioPharma’s gene delivery platform as we look towards large scale and GMP manufacturing.” 

Utilising iBET’s expertise in developing integrated bioprocesses and analytical methods for the production, purification and characterisation of virus-based pharmaceuticals, the collaboration will be executed in multiple stages.  

Initially, the collaboration will seek to develop a high-throughput analytical method for full-to-empty capsid ratio quantification from both in-process and final purified samples. Monitoring the full-to-empty capsid ratio, which is a critical quality attribute of virus-based biotherapeutics, is used to determine the purity and safety of such products during the manufacturing process and at the final product stage.  

Subsequent collaboration stages will focus on the upstream process development for the large-scale manufacturing of Vector BioPharma’s virus-like particles. 

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