Twist Bioscience acquires Abveris to bolster biopharma capabilities  

Twist Bioscience has acquired Abveris, which will offer Twist comprehensive antibody discovery and characterisation services using its DiversimAb family of hyperimmune mouse models, the output of which can be humanised using the Twist antibody optimisation solution to develop biologics for rapid clinical advancement.  

Emily Leproust, CEO and co-founder of Twist Bioscience, believes that the addition of the Abveris discovery platform is a “natural fit” with Twist, as it will complement and extend our biopharma antibody capabilities into mouse-based discovery and screening. She said: “There are three key approaches to antibody discovery: synthetic libraries, which is the specialty of Twist; in vivo discovery through animal models; and artificial intelligence models. With the anticipated acquisition of Abveris, Twist will have expertise in each, creating a robust antibody design, discovery and screening organization to serve both our partners and our internal pipeline.” 

“We look forward to integrating our proprietary in vivo discovery platform with the Twist lead optimization workflow to consolidate and streamline the process of identifying the highest quality development ready drug candidates for our partners,” said Tracey Mullen, CEO of Abveris. “By combining the two highly synergistic approaches, Twist will be able to pair natural, in vivo antibody development with its industry-leading humanisation and engineering capabilities to introduce a new gold standard in antibody discovery. We are thrilled to play an integral role in this revolution.” 

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