This week in drug discovery (4-8 December) 

News round-up for 4-8 December by DDW Digital Content Editor Diana Spencer.

The news highlights this week are mostly focused around neuroscience, with new guiding principles and a drug repurposing fund launched for motor neuron disease research, a new drug target found for early-onset dementia, and a possibly game-changing schizophrenia drug entering human trials.

The top stories:

Researchers identify potential drug target for early-onset dementia

Scientists have identified abnormal aggregates of a protein called TAF15 in the brains of individuals with early-onset dementia, known as frontotemporal dementia, where the cause was not previously known.

New guiding principles to overcome barriers to MND drug discovery

New guidance for the motor neuron disease (MND) drug discovery community has been published to ensure that future drug discovery and development efforts have the best chance of successfully translating from the lab to the clinic.

Potentially game-changing schizophrenia drug enters trials

A potential schizophrenia treatment, discovered at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee in the US, has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in Phase I clinical trials.

Study shows osteoarthritis could be reversible

Osteoarthritis may be treatable and reversible, according to a new University of Adelaide study. The researchers have discovered a novel population of stem cells – marked by the Gremlin 1 gene – responsible for the progression of osteoarthritis.

DNA therapy effective against chemo-resistant ovarian cancer

A novel DNA vaccine in combination with chemotherapy has demonstrated promising clinical results against a deadly form of ovarian cancer.

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