This week in drug discovery (13-17 March)

News round-up for 13-17 March by DDW Digital Content Editor Diana Spencer. 

In the news this week we have covered a number of early-stage studies that could lead to potentially huge breakthroughs in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, long Covid, bacterial diseases, bone cancer, and autoimmune conditions.  

The top stories: 

mRNA vaccine 100% effective against deadly bacteria 

For the first time, researchers have developed an mRNA vaccine that is 100% effective against a type of bacteria that is lethal to humans, paving the way for effective vaccination against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

New discovery could help prevent secondary breast cancer 

Scientists have discovered why breast cancer cells that have spread to the lungs may ‘wake up’ following years of sleep – forming incurable secondary tumours.  

Bone cancer drug increases survival rates by 50% 

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have developed a new drug that works against all of the main types of primary bone cancer. 

Artificial sweetener dampened T cell response in mice 

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have found that high consumption of a common artificial sweetener, sucralose, lowers activation of T cells in mice. 

Malfunctioning monocytes could be drug target in long Covid 

Researchers have shown for the first time that malfunctioning behaviour of a type of immune cell is linked to specific symptoms of long Covid.

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