TherapeutAix teams up with CROs to solve PK/PD challenges

Life sciences consultancy, TherapeutAix, has added contract research organisations (CROs), Alderley Analytical and Peak Proteins to its global R&D network, forming a dedicated and expert team to solve Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) challenges faced by clients.

Based in Aachen, Germany, TherapeutAix is a biotech consultancy providing services from strategic planning to operationalisation of studies. TherapeutAix has a strong track record across multiple therapeutic areas, and combines hands-on experience with an integrated R&D network to help medicines reach patients.

TherapeutAix has joined with Alderley Analytical, which provides specialist bioanalytical services to support drug development programmes, and Peak Proteins, which offers protein expression and purification, protein crystallography, and protein mass spectrometry.

The bespoke and dedicated project team supported a TherapeutAix client in overcoming an unusual and challenging PK/PD situation. The team’s combined expertise meant that robust, decision-enabling data was rapidly generated, effectively addressing the PK/PD challenge and allowing the client’s project to progress.

The two Alderley Park-based CROs are the latest companies to join TherapeutAix’s extensive R&D network, which also includes Apconix, Boyds, Immunoconsulting, Nordic Bioscience, OracleBio, and XenoGesis.

Bob Humphries, Director of Project Strategy at TherapeutAix, said: “One of the biggest challenges in drug discovery and development is understanding the bioavailability of a compound or drug and how it will behave in the body. Bringing this network of expertise together can help us to support clients with this challenge at an early stage, saving time and increasing the chances of a drug’s success.

“We coordinate activities within our global R&D network with the belief that, by bringing the components together, we generate a value that is greater than the sum of the parts. The team is customer-focused, collaborative, and creative. It has been a pleasure to work with Alderley Analytical and Peak Proteins to build an understanding of and provide answers for this unique problem, and we are very pleased to have them both on board as network partners.”

Mark Abbott, Peak Proteins CEO said: “It has been a really interesting project – working in collaboration with TherapeutAix and a neighbouring company, Alderley Analytical – and using our protein biochemistry skills and analytical techniques to uncover what happened when the protein encountered an in vivo environment. Bringing together different groups and skill sets really does allow projects to progress quickly and leads to helpful discussions and decisions.”

Liz Thomas, Alderley Analytical CEO added: “Alderley Analytical is delighted to become part of the TherapeutAix network of partners. Working on this project is an example of collaboration at its best. All three companies were fully focussed on the customer problem and, consequently, the project could progress.”

Image credit: Dylan Gillis



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