The latest drug discovery product launches


Find out what’s new in the world of tools and services for the drug discovery industry with our update below. 

CFX Opus Deepwell Dx Real-Time PCR System – Bio-Rad Laboratories 

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the CFX Opus Deepwell Dx Real-Time PCR System, which offers accurate and precise quantification with flexibility for reactions up to 125 µl in a 96-well format for quantitative PCR (qPCR) diagnostic assays. It is an open platform that can multiplex up to five targets. 

MRD workflow for tumour-informed approaches – Integrated DNA Technologies

The launch expands access to IDT’s xGen MRD Hybridization Panel and xGen cfDNA & FFPE DNA Library Preparation Kit, now available as a bundled solution. The xGen MRD Hyb Panel Design Service and Ordering Tool allows customers to order up to 50 unique panels, each comprised of 2,000 probes, at the same time. 

ASCEND disease biology ‘map’ – BenchSci 

ASCEND helps scientists to reduce trial-and-error experimentation and uncover risks early. Using machine learning and curated ontology datasets, it makes connections across experiment outcomes to create an unbiased and evidenced-based map of the underlying biology of disease. 

Continuous manufacturing (CM) line for oral solids – WuXi STA 

WuXi STA’s first drug product continuous manufacturing (CM) line for oral solids is in operation at the drug product site in Wuxi city, China. The CM line features continuous direct compression equipment with unit operations including dispensing, blending, lubrication, tablet compression, and coating. 

CapitainerCF (CellFree) – Capitainer 

As part of a new partnership, AstraZeneca will use CapitainerCF, a novel self-sampling product delivering cell-free blood, to develop protocols for biomarkers relevant to its clinical drug programmes. The sampling card allows for remote sampling of analytes that require plasma/serum-like fluids. 

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