The gel-free, blot-free, hands-free reinvention of western blotting

Aurelia Bioscience, a Nottingham, UK based pre-clinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) has produced a video to explain the functioning of WES and JESS – two highly reproducible, capillary based, automated western blot instruments from ProteinSimple:

Whilst traditional western blotting typically runs 10-20 samples in three to five hours and requires 24-48 hours to produce results; WES/JESS can run 24 samples in 49-90 minutes and produce results within three to four hours. Aurelia Bioscience routinely uses WES and JESS for different client projects. Reduced running time of WES/ JESS helps Aurelia’s scientists to progress projects forward and communicate data to their clients quickly. Whilst WES is based on chemiluminescence readout alone, JESS relies on both chemiluminescence and fluorescence (Near InfraRed- NIR & InfraRed- IR).

They have several advantages over traditional western blotting:
• Fully automated
• Highly reproducible
• Can run up to 25 samples plus a size ladder in just 3 hours
• Minimal sample volume is required: 3 to 5ul of 0.2ug/ul or above
• Can separate and analyse proteins by size from 2-440 kDa
• Eliminates inter user variability and improves consistency

Aurelia Bioscience employs WESTM/ JESSTM for various PROTAC studies as well.

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