The DDW Podcast: 2022 in review 

As 2022 draws to a close, DDW’s Multimedia Editor and podcast host Megan Thomas rounds up all the free episodes of the DDW podcast that were released. 2022 saw the introduction of the DDW Highlights podcast as well as the In Conversation With podcast, and saw the continued success of the free narrated episodes and the sponsored Sitting Down With series.  

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DDW Highlights 

In October 2022, the DDW Highlights podcast series was launched. In an increasingly busy world, DDW’s Megan Thomas narrates five key stories of the week to keep DDW subscribers informed on the latest industry news and updates. Episodes are released weekly. Catch up on previous weeks here 

In Conversation With  

In October 2022, DDW launched the In Conversation With series, in which DDW speaks with members of the drug discovery industry about their work and how it helps turn science into business.  

Make liquid handling automation work for you 

A novel phenotypic approach to CNS drug discovery 

Sitting Down With 

Catch up on the Sitting Down With podcast episodes released in 2022:  

How to accelerate mouse model generation without reducing quality 

Recombinant DNA technology and its impact on modern drug discovery 

Exploring the microbiome: how it is shaping preclinical research 

Narrated Podcasts

The narrated DDW podcast covers articles written for the print issues of DDW. Listen to 2022’s narrated articles now:   

From here to there: What lies ahead for drug discovery  

What can we learn from the genome?  

What do we know about lab automation?  

A comprehensive analysis of European biotech 

Scientific data management: What does your lab need? 

Is customisation healthcare’s secret weapon?

What does gene-based medicine have to offer? 


Mini-library approach delivers an arsenal in drug development pipeline 

The pursuit of better cancer treatments 

Now is the time for the transformation of clinical trials 

How to improve process while maintaining quality 

Revealing the magic of cell therapy 

China’s opportunities for global drug discovery breakthroughs 

What does the changing drug discovery landscape mean for the future? 

The role of animals in the future of drug discovery 

The next steps in the fight against cancer 

Complex problems require complex solutions 

Is genomic data the new frontier in drug discovery? 

Finding the right cancer drug with high-content screening 

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