Tech Theatre ELRIG 2022: First steps towards liquid handling automation

Join Anne Hammerstein, Ph.D., Product Manager at SPT Labtech, for a fascinating deep dive into the practical considerations of how, when and why you should automate your laboratory’s liquid handling processes. The talk will take place at ELRIG’s Drug Discovery 2022 Tech Theatre, supported by DDW.

The event will take place on 4-5 Oct, London Excel, UK and topics will include:

  • The lab of the future is now
  • The role of AI and automation in personalised medicine: How can AI help in the post drug discovery process
  • Data handling and choosing the right informatics systems for your lab requirement.
  • The sustainable lab. Building a global culture of sustainability in science
  • The automated lab and the human
  • How can automation help the discovery of biologics and biosimilars?
  • The remote lab: Is this the future?

Key takeaways from this talk, Taking first steps towards liquid handling automation, include:

  • Find out why liquid handling automation is no longer the reserve of high-throughput screening (HTS) alone.
  • Discover how automation offers powerful benefits beyond mere increases in the rates of throughput, making automated solutions essential for labs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Get an overview of the many application areas and standard liquid handling tasks that can and should now be automated.
  • Understand the key considerations for evaluating and selecting a scalable liquid handling solution that’s right for your lab’s workflows, both now and in the future.
  • Understand the critical importance of workflow integrity and automated liquid volume verification: why workflow integrity matters and how/when to check volumes in your process.

Hammerstein is the Product Manager for the apricot range of liquid handlers and previously managed the dragonfly discovery dispenser at SPT Labtech. She has extensive R&D and commercial experience in automated liquid handling and high throughput analytical techniques, spanning both genomics and drug discovery applications. She has played a key role in the launch of the new 3- and 6- head dragonfly discovery. Hammerstein graduated from the University of Oxford with a M.Chem. in Chemistry and D.Phil. in Chemical Biology. She completed her academic training with a post-doctoral career development fellowship in Protein Engineering at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK.

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