Tech Theatre at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 highlights sustainability

Image showing sustainability and science

The Tech Theatre, supported by DDW, at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 will feature a series of seminars focused on automation and technology for drug discovery. 

Raj Patey, Business Development Director, My Green Lab, will be discussing The Sustainable Lab: Building a Global Culture of Sustainability in Science. 

Patey spends much of his time working with lab suppliers to communicate their product sustainability to lab users and to reduce the environmental impact of the lab supply chain. He is passionate about a global and collaborative approach to ensuring science continues to innovate whilst reducing its significant environmental impact.

Raj Patty
Raj Patey, Business Development Director, MyGreenLab.

Patey will talk about the global growth of the green lab movement, My Green Lab’s vision for the industry and alignment with the UN race to zero campaign. He will cover My Green Lab’s Carbon Impact of the Biotech & Pharma study and how programmes are being utilised by labs in sectors including academia, pharma, biotech and wider, to run labs in a more sustainable way and green their supply chains.  

The event will take place on 4-5 Oct, London Excel, UK and additional topics will include: 

  • First steps into automation: The challenges – financial, skills, objections – and how to overcome them 
  • The lab of the future is now: Automating the discovery process for every budget 
  • Data handling and choosing the right informatics systems for your lab requirements 
  • The role of AI and automation in personalised medicine: How can AI help in the post drug discovery process 
  • The automated lab and the human 
  • The remote lab: Is this the future? 
  • How can automation push the development of biologics and biosimilars? 

Seminars are free to attend but spaces are limited and require advanced registration. Click herenow to register. 

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