Synthego launches cell libraries to improve CRISPR-based drug discovery  

Genome engineering company Synthego has launched a portfolio of Engineered Cell Libraries to help improve access to CRISPR-edited cells for direct use in functional screening assays.  

The company’s Engineered Cell Libraries are designed to provide speed, scalability, and efficiency to accelerate the drug discovery process by enabling a faster path between experimental design and execution. 

The libraries will utilise Synthego’s Eclipse Platform – a high-throughput cell engineering platform that delivers cell-based models for disease research by providing predictable CRISPR-engineered cells at scale.  

Specifically, Synthego’s Engineered Cells product line consists of a library of multi-guide knock out cell pools (immortalised or iPSC) that are delivered ready-made to researchers. It’s hoped that this allows researchers to overcome common hurdles associated with CRISPR-based target discovery and focus specifically on the science. 

Scientists use the Engineered Cell Libraries to specify the human or mouse cell type and gene targets they desire to knockout knock out to generate a custom cell library. The cells are then edited on Synthego’s Eclipse Platform, which handles guide design, cell line optimisation, editing through transfection, and assessment of editing efficiencies, so cells are ready to screen upon arrival. 

Official comments 

“Arrayed screening approaches are more sensitive, compatible with a broader assortment of downstream assays, and can yield data that is more readily interpretable than the more commonly used pooled approach but are underutilised due to lack of infrastructure and limited bandwidth,” said Travis Maures, Synthego’s Chief Technology Officer. “With Engineered Cell Libraries, Synthego continues to provide transformative solutions for accelerated drug discovery which, ultimately, can bring a wider range of therapeutics to market faster.” 

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