New PrismA ELISA kit for impurity testing

PrismA ELISA kit

This article is sponsored by Cytiva.

The new PrismA ELISA kit is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay designed to measure residual ligand leakage when using MabSelect PrismA chromatography resin and Fibro PrismA chromatography adsorbers. The kit is used during the development and manufacture of monoclonal antibody (mAb) biopharmaceuticals. 

This kit is the only commercial ELISA kit specifically designed for use with MabSelect PrismA resins and Fibro PrismA adsorbers. The kit contains all the necessary reagents required including the PrismA ligand optimised for use in ELISA, and polyclonal antibodies raised specifically against the PrismA ligand.

Benefits of the PrismA ELISA kit include:  

  • Arrives fully validated and ready for you to collect reliable data.  
  • Matched PrismA protein A ligand included in the kit removes the need to source the standard separately and create a custom protocol. 
  • High IgG tolerance simplifies sample preparation. 
  • Developed with focus on usability, robustness, and environmental sustainability.  
  • Consistently low intra- and inter-plate variability ensures reproducible data.

Learn more about Cytiva’s newest product family member — PrismA ELISA kit.  

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