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This article is sponsored by Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD).

It is no secret that getting a new drug to market is a long, complicated, and costly process that can take years to complete. However, having the right informatics tools in place can make a substantial difference by addressing the many challenges associated with data management, which are central to any drug discovery endeavour.  

Since 2004, Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) has been creating software that help scientists get the most out of their data. Our flagship product, CDD Vault, is a cloud-based platform that provides research teams with a centralised, secure, and scalable solution for managing their research data. With CDD Vault, biotech companies and research labs can streamline their drug development process, reduce the time and cost of getting new drugs to market, and therefore turn science into business. Here’s how: 

Single source of truth: CDD Vault provides a single, centralised location for all of an organisation’s research data, making it easy for scientists to access the information they need when they need it. With CDD Vault, researchers can collaborate on projects, track progress, and share data in real-time, regardless of their location. This saves time and ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information. 

“With CDD Vault we are now able to compile all results in one place and compare different compounds on the same page.”  JOANNE BABULA, PhD, Research Scientist, Ridgeline Therapeutics 

Time saving: CDD Vault eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the possibility of data loss or errors. This saves time and reduces the risk of costly mistakes. In addition, CDD Vault automates many of the manual processes involved in drug development, such as data mining, analysis, visualisation and report generation, which saves even more time and reduces the cost of getting new drugs to market. 

“We’ve saved about one week worth of time already in six months of using CDD Vault, which frees people up to focus on the science rather than dealing with the IT backend.” CHRISTOPHER BARDEN, PhD, CEO, Treventis Corporation 

Data security: Intellectual properties are among the most important assets for a research organisation and data loss or theft can be a real issue. CDD Vault is highly secure and provides organisations with complete control over their data. With CDD Vault, system administrators can set permissions for who can access their data, as well as partitioning data into distinct Vaults and Projects as needed. This ensures that their research data is protected and that only authorised personnel have access to it. 

Ease of use: Many of our users come to us after trying other software platforms on the market. What they consistently tell us is that CDD Vault is so much easier to learn and use. The system is intuitive, does not require coding skills, and users become productive after just 90 minutes of onboarding.  

“CDD Vault is so intuitive to use that I picked it up in one day before I even received any training. The system is great for managing both structured and unstructured data.” IWAN GRIN, PhD, Lab Manager, University of Tübingen 

Scalability: CDD Vault is scalable, meaning that biotech companies can easily expand their usage of the platform as their research needs grow. This is especially important for biotech companies that are rapidly growing and need a solution that can grow with them.  

CDD Vault provides drug discovery teams with the tools they need to drastically simplify the complexities of data management. With CDD Vault, biotech companies can focus on what they do best – developing new and innovative drugs to improve human health – while letting the platform handle the rest. Whether you are a brand new startup or an established company with a pipeline of projects, the best time to implement an informatics system is now. Contact us for a personalised software demo and a free, 30-day trial with no obligation. 

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