SLAS2024 speaker update: Is pharma’s commercial model dying?

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DDW is delighted to announce the final speaker on its SLAS2024 Ignite Theater track ‘Innovation & technology: from lab to patient’, co-sponsored by Integra Biosciences and Hamamatsu Corporation.

Dipanwita Das
Dipanwita Das

On Monday 5 February at 11.30am, Dipanwita Das, CEO and Co-founder of Sorcero, will address the question ‘Is pharma’s commercial model dying? How data is enabling new insights and why it’s better for the patient’.

She will discuss the importance of the post-launch and commercialisation phase, as manufacturers discover how their products are being used, new combinations and indications are uncovered and how to use data and evidence to support new patient populations not covered by the original approval.

She will argue that many of the current processes that support commercialisation of a new product are manual, fragmented, slow and error prone, and that AI can support the technology-driven transformation of these processes to ensure speed and higher quality.

What you will learn:
  • The role of new technology in the post-launch and commercialisation phase
  • How AI can support the commercialisation of a new product
  • The importance of AI in computing unstructured data and making sense of that data
  • How this ultimately benefits the patient

“As much as AI can be used to support acceleration and wider experimentation during the discovery period, its importance through trials and later commercialisation cannot be underemphasised,” Das explained. “AI is great at two key things that the expert can fall behind on. 1. Computing vast amounts of data and information, especially unstructured data which forms 85% of the total data in this space. 2. Helping human experts discover and infer insights from the totality of their information that they would not have been able to otherwise. Analysis is context, and with AI, this can be transformative.”

Register now to see the full programme and show your interest in attending this event.

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