SLAS2024 speaker news: Proximity-inducing drugs, a new target space

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In a first for 2024, DDW will be hosting the SLAS Ignite Theater track on the theme of ‘Innovation & technology: from lab to patient’.

It will take place at SLAS2024 in Boston on 5 and 6 February 2024 and is co-sponsored by Integra Biosciences and Hamamatsu Corporation.

Simon Bushell
Simon Bushell

DDW is delighted to announce that the programme will feature Simon Bushell, SVP of Molecular Discovery of Entact Bio.

On Monday 5 February at 3.30pm, he will speak on ‘Proximity-inducing drugs: using technological innovation to build the next generation of medicine.

Bushell will discuss the history and technological underpinnings of induced proximity, the lessons learned from the proteolysis-targeting chimeric (PROTAC) example, and the technology platform that Entact Bio is building to create enhancement-targeting chimeric (ENTAC) drugs.

He said: “Technology is transforming the way we discover and develop new drugs, making the process faster, cheaper, and more effective. AI algorithms and other advances in data science now make it possible to analyse vast amounts of data, including genetic information, protein structures, and clinical trial results, to identify potential drug targets and expand the targetable proteome.

“With advances in medicinal chemistry and mechanistic biology, new methods to drug targets that were once thought to be undruggable are being developed with greater speed than previously possible.”

What you will learn:

  • How targeted protein enhancement could provide a new way to treat disease
  • The history and technological underpinnings of induced proximity
  • How to leverage new structural insights from crystallography and cryo-EM
  • The potential of enhancement-targeting chimeric (ENTAC) drugs

Register now to show your interest in attending this event.

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