SLAS Europe 2023 reveals details of Biology Unveiled track

Brussels, Belgium

SLAS Europe has revealed details of the Biology Unveiled track at the upcoming meeting in Brussels, Belgium on May 23-26.

The other three tracks are Frontiers in Technology, Shaping the Future of Therapeutics and Bio-Entrepreneurship in Europe.

The Biology Unveiled track will feature scientific sessions focusing on the hot topic of personalised medicine, along with advances in the uses of CRISPR and vessels-on-a-chip.

Sixteen speakers will showcase the latest drug discovery research in this vast topic based on tiny particles.

Sessions in this track include:

  • Bioengineering Organoid Fate and Morphogenesis – Adrian Ranga, KU Leuven
  • Engineering Vessels-on-a-Chip to Study Human Vascular Diseases – Guillaume Dumenil, Institut Pasteur
  • High-Throughput Functional Genomics Using CRISPR Base Editing in Cancer Cells – Matthew Coelho, Wellcome Sanger Institute
  • Microfluidic Palette for in vitro Modelling Human Neuronal Circuit – Quyen Do, University of Oxford

Delegates can also take one of the pre-conference Short Courses on May 23, with courses offered in microfluidic systems, label-free cell assays, high-content screening and target validation.

Another option is to attend a Special Interest Group meeting. Five meetings will take place between Wednesday and Thursday and they are open to all attendees.

View the Full SLAS Europe 2023 Programme.

Non-award eligible poster presentation submissions are still being accepted until May 1 in a wide range of topics within this year’s educational tracks.

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