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Highlights from GlobalData’s CRO Benchmark Report

The biopharmaceutical industry is currently facing significant headwinds. The blockbuster era is over, development costs are skyrocketing, uncertainty exists around regulatory and reimbursement, patent cliffs, generic erosion and a sluggish global economy all have industry executives losing sleep at night.

Outsourcing life science informatics solutions

The life science industry depends on information gathered from new technologies for productivity and competitive advantage in the R&D process. As more information is gathered and the systems become more complex, building and maintaining data management solutions that support rapid and accurate decision-making becomes harder.

Outsourcing life-science innovations with university technology transfer

Universities and federally funded laboratories create thousands of new discoveries every year, the vast majority of which never see the light of day. We discuss various ways to harness those discoveries and potentially invigorate product pipelines.

Growing Interest in Outsourcing Ion Channel Services

Significant demand now exists in Pharma and Biotech to access ion channel testing services and this is reflected by the number and the variety of service offerings.

Outsourcing for Innovation Takes on New Meaning

Large pharmaceutical companies are moving quickly to outsource their drug discovery operations, predominantly to lower costs. This article argues that if outsourcing is done to capture value, ie developing and preserving intellectual property as a key competitive differentiation as well as increasing productivity, then costs will fall in line accordingly.