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SCAVENGER strategies in organic synthesis - Part One

Over the past 20 years combinatorial chemistry has proved to be an important tool for the generation of large numbers of compounds required for drug discovery programmes. This two-part article covers the history and current developments of scavenger strategies in combinatorial chemistry and organic synthesis.

SCAVENGER strategies in organic synthesis - Part Two

Part 1 of this article (DDW,Winter 2003/4) discussed the fundamental principles of the use of scavenging techniques in combinatorial and organic synthesis. In this article, more recent developments are introduced that illustrate the broadening appeal of scavengers in organic chemistry. Specifically, the following topics are covered: Part 1: Polymeric scavengers; reactive filtration; ion exchange scavengers for product purification and sequestration enabling techniques. Part 2:Alternative resins; polyaromatic scavenger reagents; fluorous quenching scavenger protocols and microwave assisted scavenging protocols.