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The Role of Nanotechnology in Drug Discovery

In terms of drug discovery and development, the role of nanotechnology currently lies in improving diagnostic methods, developing improved drug formulations and drug delivery systems for disease therapy.

Nanobioscience & Nanotechnology: The Future Of Personalised Medicine

Nanotechnology has been more than a buzz word in the business world for a long time now and has been striding ahead, living up to the hype.

Nanotechnology approaches to solving the problems of poorly water-soluble drugs

Traditionally, almost half of new molecular entities identified by pharmaceutical industry screening programmes have failed to be developed because of poor water-solubility, which makes their formulation difficult or even impossible.

Nanotechnology in High Throughput Screening

Nanotechnology has touched many scientific disciplines, from its roots in chemistry and physics to applications in biology and engineering (1). A nanotechnology industry has developed, offering at present a new iteration of established technologies such as composite materials and semiconductor chips, and also promising future medical technologies such as targeted therapies (2).