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Modelling and simulation in drug development, promise and reality

Modelling and simulation in drug development is not new. What is new is the vision for moving from a descriptive role (what happened) to a predictive and therefore decision making role. While seemingly attractive, important hurdles, both scientific and practical, must be overcome.

Exposure response modelling a safe and profitable way to speed drugs to market

The applicability of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling (PBPK) far exceeds that of classical PK in predictive pharmacokinetics, tissue dosimetry, drug efficacy, and drug safety. This in silico technique, in conjunction with in vitro and in vivo studies, can greatly reduce drug failure rates, improve time to market and decrease overall R&D costs.

The Benefits of Biological Modelling

The enormous challenge posed by the complexity of biological systems represents a potential intellectual impasse to researchers and threatens to stall future progress in basic biology and healthcare.