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Mass Spectrometry Software Accelerates Small-Molecule Characterization

Thermo Scientific Mass Frontier 8.0 software with Thermo Scientific Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid Mass Spectrometer streamlines small-molecule unknown compound identification and structural elucidation.

The Mass Spectrometry Innovations Simplifying Drug Discovery Workflows

Mass spectrometry (MS) has long been a valuable tool for drug discovery, and steady advances in its capabilities and performance have generated powerful insights for the pharmaceutical industry. The latest MS innovations are now helping biotherapeutics developers overcome challenges around sample preparation and large molecule analysis.

The Coming Age Of Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Mapping complex drug distribution/retention in tissues, aligned with efficacy and safety biomarker localisation is now possible using label-free mass spectrometry imaging technologies.

T Cell Epitope Identification By Mass Spectrometry: The Future In Detail

T cells play a crucial role in building a specialised immune response and help adapt the immune response to different challenges, whether they are intracellular bacteria, viruses or cancer or extracellular organisms such as blood-borne bacteria and parasites.

Recent advances in mass spectrometry for drug discovery and development. Fall 03

Of the numerous types of analytical techniques used in drug discovery and development, mass spectrometry (MS) has become one of the most powerful tools for the analyses of a wide range of chemical and biological entities. Indeed the demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have driven vendors to some extraordinary recent advances in mass spectrometry technology.

Applications of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry in accelerating the pace of lead-drug candidate selection and pre-clinical development. Fall 04

This review discusses how the application and benefits of using LC/MS and LC/MS/MS assays in conjunction with in vivo and in vitro study designs can generate significant advantages in shortening timelines between discovery and pre-clinical development.

Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery and Development

Mass Spectrometry is a mature technology predicated on a premise demonstrated almost a century ago. It is widely used in most scientific disciplines involving basic research or industrial endeavours, that require accurate and precise measurement of elemental and molecular components.