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Automated Liquid Handler Vendor vs Third Party Plastic Company

Competing for the disposable pipette tip business. Users of automated liquid handlers today invariably have a choice – obtain disposable pipette tips from the original instrument vendor or purchase a 'compatible' product from a third party plastics manufacturer or lab supplier. Increasingly, the potential for cost savings is attracting some users to source third party tips.

3D Cellular Imaging - Advances and Considerations for High-Content Screening

Commercially available high-content imaging (HCI) systems, introduced in the 1990s, have provided the scientific community with a platform that offers a unique set of tools ideal for advancing high-throughput biological discoveries and therapeutic development.

Pharmaceutical & biomedical research likely to use $1 billion worth of microfluidics devices by 2016

The proliferation of lower cost genomics tools, and the maturing of microfluidics lab equipment into more robust tools that better interface with established research flows, could drive microfluidics devices for pharmaceutical and biomedical research to close to a $1.2 billion business over the next five years, according to our projections.