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Ion Channels - Increasingly Enticing Targets For Drug Discovery

Drug discovery focused on ion-channel proteins began generating great value for pharmaceutical R&D programmes more than 30 years ago, giving rise to medicines still important in the pharmacopeia for treating human disease.

An Automated Approach To Solving Pharma's Cardiac Toxicity Conundrum

The pharmaceutical industry is facing ever-growing difficulties in developing new drugs and bringing them to market (1,2). Many factors stand in the way of R&D productivity, not least of which are shrinking budgets. Yet one of the most pressing challenges continues to be the issue of ensuring that new drug candidates have an acceptable safety profile.

8 Years of Surveying Ion Channel Screening - Has anything changed?

No review of ion channel screening over the past decade can avoid discussing the pivotal role played by automated electrophysiology. Arguably this technology, more than any other, has opened up the field to wider investigation, made ion channels more accessible as drug targets and facilitated the drive towards highest possible data quality.

Channelling Drug Discovery - Current trends in ion channel drug discovery research

Ion channels are proteins that span cell membranes thus forming conduits or 'channels' through which charged ions such as sodium and potassium can pass across a normally impermeant barrier such as the plasmalemma.

Leveraging the ion channel platform for lead generation in atrial fibrillation

Competition in the pharmaceutical industry requires a reduction in research and development project cycle times and, accordingly, an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Ion Channels - New opportunities for an established therapeutic target class

There is an increasing recognition within the pharmaceutical industry of the immense potential for ion channels as a drug target class. Advances in the understanding of the human genome, combined with the introduction of higher throughput electrophysiology platforms, promises a wealth of new opportunities to design potent and selective ion channel targeted therapeutics.

Ion Channel Drug Targets: Unlocking the potential

A striking number of drugs targeting ion channels have reached blockbuster status, generating $ billion revenues. In spite of the historical success of ion channels as therapeutic targets and the considerable investment in this target class by the industry, not a single novel, small molecule ion channel drug has been approved by the FDA in the past 10 years.

Growing Interest in Outsourcing Ion Channel Services

Significant demand now exists in Pharma and Biotech to access ion channel testing services and this is reflected by the number and the variety of service offerings.