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Gyros Protein Technologies introduces Gyrolab p24 Kit to support the cell and gene therapy market

Ready-to-use kit enables lentivirus titer determinations during the manufacture of lentivirus vectors.

The Genie in the Test Tube - From Gene to Gene Therapy: Part 1

For thousands of years, medicine was a descriptive art, with treatments for disease arising from astute observation and trial and error.

The Future of Cardiovascular Gene Therapy

Advances in regenerative medicine go hand in hand with new perspectives and insights into potential treatments for heart disease.

Cell Therapy & Gene Therapy - The emerging fourth pillar of healthcare systems

As the CEO of an organisation that deals exclusively in cell therapy and gene therapy, it is no surprise that I would champion the emergence of these products as the fourth pillar of medicine alongside small molecules, biologics and devices.

The Genie in the Test Tube - From Gene to Gene Therapy: Part 2

In the previous edition, we discussed gene therapy in terms of potential vectors and their applications. Now, we discuss the potential clinical uses of these constructs.