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GPCRs - New Strategies for an Old Target Class

GPCRs are the most studied drug target class and have a proven record as valuable drug targets, with 40-50% of marketed drugs being modulators of GPCR function. Despite the intense effort focused on these targets by the pharmaceutical industry over many years, numerous challenges remain.

Guidelines & Recommendations For Analyzing and Interpreting GPCR Second Messenger Data

The question of choosing which methods to use for analyte quantification (signal vs concentration determination, parameters, and format) continues to generate heated debates and divergent understanding.

New Flash Imagers: Facilitating higher throughput functional GPCR assays

The recent availability of tailored automation solutions that combine liquid handling at the reading position with the latest innovations in low light imaging technology are providing screeners with new tools for the measurement of high throughput flash luminescence.

Emerging concepts of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) function and drug discovery

G protein-coupled cell surface receptors (GPCRs) have served a fundamental role in modern pharmacology, due to their central importance in cell communication, and have been the target for the discovery of a large number of drugs. By one estimate, more than 40% of marketed drugs target GPCRs.