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Fluorescence Lifetime Assays

The benefits of fluorescence lifetime-based technologies (FLT) have been highlighted for more than a decade but thus far they have failed to gain widespread acceptance.

Fluorescence Lifetime: Finally picking up momentum!

Fluorescence lifetime (FLT) largely failed to make a significant inroad as a screening technology when it was first introduced nearly a decade ago, despite the fact that intrinsically it has many benefits, particularly in dealing with assay interferences.

Dispense and Imaging Assays - Moving towards a more balanced use of both fluorescence and flash luminescent readouts

Progress towards the uptake and adoption of flash luminescence readouts in screening were the subject of HTStec's recent Dispense & Imaging (D&I) Trends 2007 report. The report suggests that the transition process may be less of a displacement of fluorescence with flash luminescence, but rather a wider more balanced implementation of both readouts.