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Epigenetics - Unlocking The Potential for Personalised Medicine

The sequencing of the human genome in 2003 signalled the dawn of an exciting new era for genetic medicine. Yet almost 15 years later it has become clear that our genes alone cannot predict our susceptibility to most complex diseases or fully explain fundamental aspects of human development and ageing.

Epigenetic Targets: On the verge of becoming a major new category for successful drug research

Most vendors of epigenetic modification proteins and reagents have enhanced and broadened their offerings in recent years. Of particular note is the increasing range of proteins and binding assays that now support research on the Bromodomains and other reader proteins.

Epigenetics: Are We Hitting The Mark?

During the last few years, advances in the understanding of epigenetic processes have led to an explosion in interest in this area as a potential source of new targets for the discovery of medicines. In addition, development of chemical probes directed toward specific players in histone modification is showing promise as a way to help unravel the highly complex ways in which epigenetic systems impact gene expression.

Epigenetics: Targeting the mediator between environment and phenotype

Although it is still early days in terms of our understanding of epigenetics, the fast development of new tools and technologies to define genome-wide epigenetic variations in humans has the potential to enable effective new epigenetic therapies and diagnostic tests for a wide range of diseases beyond and including cancer.

Epigenetics: An Emerging Target Class for Drug Screening

Heightened awareness of the potential importance of epigenetic targets in many disease areas, and growing vendor interest in developing new assays to screen DNA methylation and histone modifications encouraged HTStec to undertake market research in this area in June 2010.