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EV-based Diagnostics, Delivery & Therapeutics

Dates: 17-18 February 2020 Venue: Coronado Island, USA

Molecular Diagnostics in Drug Development - The changing face of pharmaceutical discovery

Clinical drug development is moving into an era where high technology new diagnostics are key to the development of the majority of new drugs.

Laboratory Automation Advances High Throughput Bio-Inspired Research Into Personalised Medicine

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University plays an important role in addressing global healthcare challenges by developing bio-inspired solutions that can be translated into commercially viable products and clinical practices.

DNA Diagnostics Gets Digitised - Quantitative real-time PCR

Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) has during the last two decades emerged as the preferred technology for nucleic acid analysis in routine as well as in research.

TRANSCRIPTOMICS - Realising the promise with a new era of drug discovery and diagnostics

The advent of modern genomics has provided new ways to link targets to diseases and validate these targets. The result is the potential for a new era of drug discovery transcriptomics or the discovery of drugs that control disease through the regulation of gene expression, mimicking the mechanism by which our bodies exert regulatory control over a range of normal and disease functions.

Overview of Companion Diagnostics in the Pharmaceutical Industry Part 2: Business models.

There is an emerging consensus that the development of Companion Diagnostics appears to offer a set of tools to address many of the current problems that pharmaceutical companies must overcome.

The Future of Molecular Diagnostics For Cancer: A Personalised Approach

The pharmaceutical industry is still struggling to cure cancer despite pouring enormous resources into the search for new treatments. We take a look at the some of the current technologies for the discovery and delivery of molecular diagnostic, prognostic and predictive tests and speculate on where this area is heading with regard to advanced technologies and likely future requirements.

The Role of Microarray Technology in Pharmaceutical Development and Diagnostics

The expectation that microarray technology will play a large role in shaping the future of pharmaceutical development and diagnostics has greatly increased due to new products and applications. Microarrays for gene expression have made a profound impact in the pharmaceutical and biomedical worlds.

Overview of Companion Diagnostics in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Part 1

In this article we describe the current state of Companion Diagnostics and its impact on the pharmaceutical sector, and the need for Companion Diagnostics in the drug discovery and development process.