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Digital Pharma - How Digital Is Reshaping The Pharma Arena

The pharmaceutical industry in the 20th and early 21st century has been in constant change, driven by both incremental and breakthrough innovations.

Overcoming the Disruption Dip in the Aftermath of Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A deals are disrupting the life science industry – and that’s good, mostly. Yet, when a company reshapes its facilities footprint in the wake of a consolidation, cost efficiency can be undermined by the dreaded ‘disruption dip’ in productivity. Here’s how to keep your workplaces and laboratories on track.

A roadmap for achieving self-sustainability of academic high throughput screening core facilities

Many academic HTS centres, faced with the high costs of drug discovery and decreasing federal funding, are struggling to survive. Just as with any small business, a sound business plan is critical for achieving and maintaining self sustainability.

The Apocalyptic Horsemen of Drug Discovery and Development

The pharmaceutical industry should consider an evolutionary disease management approach based on homeostasis, irreversibility, biological alinearity, pseudo-N-of-1 health and disease states and narrative medicine best practices in order to help secure a successful drug development future.