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Cell Therapy - Falling short of its potential?

Despite major investment in the field, few cell therapies have gained regulatory approval with limited commercial success.

Cell Therapy - Preserving Cell Integrity and Viability To Drive Discovery

Cell therapy is poised to play a pivotal role in the development of precision and personalised medicines that will transform healthcare for millions of patients worldwide.

Natural Killer Cells - How NK Cell Therapy Will Transform Immunotherapy

Regulatory approval of CAR-T cell therapies in 2017 placed the spotlight on immunotherapy approaches that use live cells to attack tumours – a major shift in oncology treatment and the battle against cancer.

Cell Therapy & Gene Therapy - The emerging fourth pillar of healthcare systems

As the CEO of an organisation that deals exclusively in cell therapy and gene therapy, it is no surprise that I would champion the emergence of these products as the fourth pillar of medicine alongside small molecules, biologics and devices.

Adoptive T-Cell Therapies: unlocking the potential of engineered antigen receptors

T-cells with engineered receptors to target tumours represent living drugs with enormous potential in the fight against cancer, but many challenges remain to be overcome in order for their full potential to be achieved.

Cellular Raw Material Collection In Cell Therapy: Critical Determinant of Product Quality

For more than two decades, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries have been working to unlock the great potential of cell therapy, which uses products composed of living, functional cells to mediate the therapeutic effect.