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Is The Cloud Enabling Bioinformatics to Become the Biology Solutions Domain?

For many years we have used the term bioinformatics to describe, well, anything outside cheminformatics in the R&D informatics domain. It has been a ‘catch-all’ term to label informatics tools that handle biologically relevant information. But the tools and software that have been labelled as such have not been expansive – albeit they are biology centric.

The Current BIOINFORMATICS Analytical Software Landscape

With the vast amount of biochemical data generated from experiments conducted by research laboratories around the globe, there is strong demand for software to analyse and manage the data effectively.Analytical software can be utilised to analyse virtually every single experiment, ranging from gene sequence analysis to protein:protein interactions. Bioinfomatic analysis tools are indispensable, as they have expedited the development of drugs and lowered costs associated with the commercialisation of new therapeutics.