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Advancing the Drug Discovery Pipeline with Early Stage In Vitro ADME and Toxicity Testing

With increasing pressures on pharmaceutical companies to develop new, effective therapeutics across the board, and keep the costs of development down, the drug discovery industry needs to ensure that its standard processes and procedures are as streamlined and effective as possible.

The impact of early ADME profiling on drug discovery and development strategy

The increased costs in the discovery and development of new drugs, due in part to the high attrition rate of drug candidates in development, has led to a new strategy to introduce early, parallel evaluation of efficacy and biopharmaceutical properties of drug candidates.

Perspectives for ADMET Integration in the Discovery Process

ADMET (ADME/Tox), is a relatively new symbiotic acronym for the investigation of basic compound behaviour in terms of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, combined with assessments of toxicity.