Scientific data: Responding to humanity’s health crises 

This paid-for advertorial by TetraScience appeared in the DDW / SLAS supplement in DDW Volume 23, Issue 1 – Winter 2021/22 

When Covid-19 arrived, every human being on the planet was affected. Within this crisis, scientists created new ways of collaborating and delivering vaccines at record speed. We honour and celebrate their remarkable achievements. 

We believe that this inspiring outcome need not be an exception. As humanity’s health crises grow, we’re helping scientists create a new world that accelerates and improves scientific outcomes. A world where scientists are empowered to utilize their imagination and inquiry as front line tools to solve problems. 

The creation of this new world relies almost completely on the ability to enrich, automate, and mine the innovation potential of scientific data throughout R&D. Much is known about data silos and the obstacles of heterogeneous data formats. However, it was our company co-founder, Siping, “Spin”, Wang, who dared to ask, “Why can’t all these data formats be joined?” 

With that idea, world-leading cloud computing and scientific experts created the TetraScience R&D Data Cloud and the Tetra Partner Network so that the scientific data of experimental research and development can be treated as a first-class product and business priority.  

Our cloud ingests primary and raw scientific data from disparate sources and engineers it into the industry’s only universally adoptable format: Tetra Data. Tetra Data is compliant, engineered, liquid, and actionable – it uniquely accelerates and improves scientific outcomes. Utilising the power of Tetra Data, scientists create new assays or workflows easily, create data liquidity between instruments and informatics software, and produce data that can automatically be used for advanced analytics, ML/AI, and visualisation.  

The Tetra Partner Network is the mechanism by which leading life sciences suppliers access our cloud to turn single-use products into multipliers of digital value.  

By placing scientific data at the heart of our mission to accelerate delivery of life-enhancing therapeutics, we champion scientists, whose ingenuity and dedication will lead this century’s response to the health crises that face us. We are honored to be a trusted partner in this undertaking.  

Contact TetraScience to talk or for a demo and visit the company at SLAS Booth 2910. 

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