Roche and Johnson & Johnson make global innovators list

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Roche and Johnson & Johnson are the only pharma companies to feature in Clarivate’s 2024 list of Top 100 Global Innovators, which highlights organisations leading the world in technology research and innovation.

This is the first year that Clarivate is ranking, rather than just listing, the top innovators. Johnson & Johnson claimed the 71st spot, while Roche secured the 89th position according to this year’s ranking. The companies are featuring for the 11th and 13th consecutive years respectively.

Roche is one of 18 all-time recipient organisations that retained their Top 100 Global Innovator status.

The top five were Samsung Electronics, Canon, Honda, Toyota and Seiko Epson.

Japan maintains its position as the biggest contributor of Top 100 entities, with 38 organisations named, followed by the United States with 17. Asia continues to extend its leadership in the global innovation ecosystem with 62 organisations listed in 2024. In Europe, Germany has seven organisations named, France has six, Switzerland has four, Netherlands has three and Sweden has one.

Gordon Samson, President, Intellectual Property, Clarivate, said: “To feature as a Top 100 Global Innovator is no mean feat as maintaining an edge in the innovation ecosystem is harder than ever. Organisations must balance experimentation and risk with discipline and reward. We measure and rank innovative performance in a dynamic and thorough way, using live thresholds of differentiation. At Clarivate, we think forward by analysing the quality of ideas, their potency and their impact to identify the world’s top innovators, and this year we’re revealing the ranking of these innovators for the first time.”

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