Replatforming R&D with the TetraScience R&D data cloud 

TetraScience resolves root cause scientific data problems with a cloud-native platform, purpose-built to benefit scientists and data scientists, who use Tetra Data for automation and ML/AI. This paid-for advertorial by TetraScience appeared in the DDW / SLAS supplement in DDW Volume 23, Issue 1 – Winter 2021/22 

Technology drives the value of scientific inquiry and outcomes. There continues to be brilliant contributions from within the life sciences industry to create efficacy in laboratory science. Yet, we are still an industry that produces the world’s largest, most complex datasets that can’t be aggregated. The expertise required to accomplish that is not intrinsic within our industry.  

We recognised that the solution to this problem was not an either/or but a both/and. We created the TetraScience R&D Data Cloud using world-leading software engineering expertise from the cloud industry combined with world-leading scientific expertise from within the life sciences industry.  

TetraScience resolves root cause scientific data problems. We deliberately created a cloud-native platform, built with the most advanced computing technologies possible to manage complexity, unlock velocity, deploy quickly, and be scalable, elastic, and flexible.  

We treat the scientific data of experimental research and development as a first-class product and business priority. Our cloud ingests and preserves raw scientific data from disparate sources and engineers it into the industry’s only universally adoptable format; Tetra Data, which uniquely accelerates and improves scientific outcomes.  

With our R&D Data Cloud, scientists can: 

  • Control all instruments from any ELN/LIMS system 
  • Modify experiments and execute easily 
  • Utilise data for advanced analytics and ML/AI 
  • Incorporate new modalities effortlessly  
  • Collaborate with colleagues and partners 

Tetra Data = Gold for Automation and ML/AI 

Tetra Data enables true automation and advanced analytics. Tetra Data is: 


  • Provides data history and lineage (transparent and traceable) 
  • Easily auditable by QA/QC 
  • Meets global GxP requirements  
  • Ensures data security 
  • Enables data governance 


  • Cleanses and harmonises 
  • Creates FAIR data 
  • Includes all raw data and processed results 
  • Breaks 1:1 data  connections, transforms unique vendor data files into one universally usable data format 
  • Automates capture and  processing of instrument software updates 


  • Creates data liquidity between instruments and informatics programs 
  • Enables creation of new assays, new workflows instantly 
  • Allows seamless data sharing within and across functions and departments, globally 
  • Provides data lifecycle enrichment 


  • Enables advanced analytics and ML/AI 
  • Provides search and query: SQL, Text, API  
  • Allows data interrogation and report generation 
  • Connects to downstream visualisation tools easily 
  • Accessible to APIs, open 

Join the Tetra Partner Network! 

Turn individual products into multipliers of digital value. 

If we, as an industry of leading life-sciences vendors, replatform our thinking about how we could deliver added value to scientists through partnership, then together we could accelerate delivery of life-enhancing and life-saving therapeutics. Through the Tetra Partner Network, we welcome leading life sciences suppliers to access the power of our R&D Data Cloud and create data liquidity for scientists, all while remaining focused within their core areas of expertise. 

Our partnership models create abundance for everyone in our ecosystem. We come in peace with new economic approaches to help scientists and our industry by utilising the power of our open cloud platform.  

A note of gratitude for our partners: we wouldn’t exist without you. We have enormous respect for each partner and hold no allegiance beyond the data itself, which belongs to the customer. The liquid “Tetra Data” is of the highest quality, engineered for global adoption. It’s how our industry will add velocity to the drug pipeline.  Please join us on this exciting new journey. Let’s talk! 

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