RareCan receives approval to establish BioResource at Newcastle University 

RareCan has received approval from the NHS Research Ethics Committee to establish its BioResource at Newcastle University, which will store tissue samples from rare cancer patients collected during surgery, will be accessible to scientists around the globe undertaking research into the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of rare cancers. This reduces the time taken to provide samples for research purposes from months to weeks. 

The company has also announced a new research partnership with The National Horizons Centre, Teesside University’s Centre of Excellence for the Bioindustry, who will conduct exome sequencing on a subset of the tissue samples to enrich and expand the data available within the BioResource, and enable researchers to build specific cohorts of samples for future research projects and clinical trials specific to their requirements. 

Professor Andy Hall, Founding Director and Chief Scientific Officer at RareCan, said: “In both the lab and the clinic, access to data from patients with cancer is essential to increase our understanding of how a cancer arises and how it can be prevented, diagnosed or treated. To be robust, observations need to be shown to be consistent. In rare cancer research, I have seen first-hand how access to sufficient numbers of cases to do this is a major challenge and a firm reason why researchers and drug companies may be put off from following a promising lead. This is exactly why RareCan exists today, and we are pleased to now be able to deliver an unmet need to accelerate life changing research.” 

Professor Vikki Rand, Professor of Biosciences and Director of Research at the National Horizons Centre, Teesside University, said: “Through fundamental and applied research, the National Horizons Centre at Teesside University prides itself on discovering diseases earlier, developing novel treatments and delivering life-saving medicines quicker, safer and more affordably. RareCan’s mission to accelerate research into rare cancers is closely aligned with our research interests and we are pleased to be a part of their journey and growth.” 

Image credit: RareCan BioResource

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