Protein-protein Interactions Using NanoBRET Technology

In this video, Dr Gary Allenby, CEO Aurelia Bioscience, describes a scientific poster on ‘Protein-protein Interactions Using NanoBRET Technology’.

Historically, only solution-based assays were used to screen compounds in PPI, but a more physiological approach is to examine the interaction in living cells. However, there are very few commercially available technologies that can actually do this. In this video Aurelia Bioscience explains how it has successfully used NanoBRET System (Promega) to detect protein- protein interactions in living cells. NanoBRET is a proximity-based assay that can detect protein interactions by measuring energy transfer from a bioluminescent protein donor to a fluorescent protein acceptor. The use of full-length proteins expressed at low levels enables PPI monitoring and screening studies that reflect true cellular physiology. NanoBRET is a reversible assay which makes it possible to study both induction and inhibition of protein interactions. It has been developed for various epigenetic targets, kinases, transcription factors, receptors and important signalling proteins.

Follow the link to download the poster.

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