Proscia teams up with Nucleai to improve access to AI biomarkers


Software company Proscia has partnered with spatial AI biomarker company Nucleai in a collaboration aimed at improving precision medicine biomarkers for clinical trials.  

The companies are integrating Nucleai’s predictive biomarker solutions into Proscia’s Concentriq software platform and will make them available as part of Proscia’s precision medicine AI portfolio.   

The rise of precision medicine is putting new pressures on diagnostic laboratories to tap into their pathology data, as whole slide images are among the best representations of disease. Nucleai’s predictive biomarkers create an AI-guided spatial map of a patient biopsy that helps these laboratories to target recruitment and optimise execution for the clinical trials they support. The same spatial mapping will also enable Nucleai’s applications to serve as companion diagnostics that match patients to the most effective treatment. 

“Today’s advanced therapies require advanced diagnostics,” said David West, Proscia’s CEO. “Software-based approaches, made possible by the proliferation of pathology imaging and AI capabilities, offer a radical new option for bringing these treatments to patients. By expanding our AI pipeline with Nucleai’s solutions, we will elevate the role of the diagnostic laboratory in precision medicine to benefit drug developers, pathologists, and patients alike.” 

“Together, Proscia and Nucleai will enable more pathologists and clinicians to convert the complex data from patient biopsies into precise, actionable insights that can drive better clinical trial and diagnostic decisions,” said Avi Veidman, Nucleai’s CEO. “Our partnership holds tremendous promise for advancing next-generation treatment modalities like ADCs, multispecifics, immunotherapy, and combination therapies. With the recent deployment of our technology to aid patient enrollment for an active trial and the growing need for AI-powered biomarkers across trials and diagnostics, this partnership represents a significant step forward in deploying our solutions, at scale. Together with Proscia, we can fundamentally improve the efficiency and effectiveness of introducing groundbreaking treatments and advancing patient care.” 

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