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Proteomics on NGS: Why this new launch could be a game changer

Proteomics on NGS: Why this new launch could be a game changer

6 July 2020
Image: Science in HD

Olink Proteomics' Olink Explore 1536 combines the company's proximity extension assay (PEA) high-multiplex immunoassay technology with next-generation sequencing (NGS) readout on the Illumina NovaSeq platform.

Olink Explore 1536 has several features designed to overcome significant limitations in other proteomic technologies, including increased performance in multiplexing and throughput. 

According to Olink Proteomics it has achieved these improvements while maintaining the same robust, transparent and thorough validation of each assay as previously, generating reproducible and precise data that can be trusted.

"I am extremely proud of the Olink team that has been able to take this technology leap and apply NGS as our readout platform. A lot of effort has been made to respond to a rapidly growing unmet need; drastically increase multiplexing, throughput, drive cost down and leveraging a large installed base to increase access. It is also important that we will rapidly expand our strictly validated protein biomarker library, now in excess of 1500, next year beyond 3000 and reaching 4500 in 2022. This new platform marks a pivotal moment in the field, taking discovery in proteomics to unparalleled levels and supporting our vision to enable the understanding of real-time human biology in a liquid biopsy", says Jon Heimer, CEO, Olink Proteomics.

"I think that Olink will be an important addition to the tools we have for biomarker discovery in plasma, CSF, and other biofluids due to the speed and very small sample amounts required for analysis", said Professor Steven Carr, Senior Director of Proteomics at the Broad Institute.

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