Preclinical study proves antidepressant effects of drug

Human brain

The results of a preclinical study supporting the antidepressive effects of AlzeCure Pharma’s NeuroRestore ACD856 have been published in the journal Psychopharmacology.

The article focuses on new data showing that ACD856, the lead and clinical drug candidate in the NeuroRestore platform, exhibits antidepressant effects in various preclinical models.

The findings are also supported by data showing that ACD856 affects levels of relevant neurotransmitters in the brain. Furthermore, it was shown that other antidepressants also seem to mediate their effects via the same target mechanism as ACD856 and that these can be combined for an even better effect.

“BDNF/TrkB has since long been a biological mechanism believed to play an important role in depression, and our new data, as well as these new publications, suggest that this mechanism is central to the therapeutic effects of antidepressants. Also, the long-term effects on plasticity that appear to be central to these new classes of antidepressants are something associated with BDNF/TrkB signaling and something that the company previously reported that ACD856 exhibits,” said Johan Sandin, Chief Scientific Officer at AlzeCure Pharma.

“Depression is an area of great medical need. That ACD856 exhibits potent antidepressant effects in these preclinical models broadens and strengthens the commercial possibilities of the NeuroRestore project that we are now preparing for Phase II,” added Martin Jönsson, VD at AlzeCure Pharma.

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