PerkinElmer highlights lab solutions at Bio-IT  


Life sciences company PerkinElmer is exhibiting at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo this week ( 3-5 May) in Boston US.  

The company is exhibiting a range of solutions that can help researchers in labs make well-informed, data-driven decision on therapeutic candidates by using cloud-based informatics solutions and strategic IT services. 

The company is showcasing its cloud-based Signals Research Suite, which brings together the Signals Notebook BioELN with Signals VitroVivo and Signals Inventa software to help scientists and bioinformaticians capture, manage, search, analyse, visualise and collaborate around their data more intuitively and productively. 

The software is deployed through Amazon Web Services and provides the ability to handle and compare data from one-off assays through ultra-high throughput screening campaigns and delivers interactive, automated and fully scripted workflows. Common data models, Google-like search performance, and the ability to convert and manage data from any instrument brand and type are also featured.  

PerkinElmer is also featuring its service experts at the event to highlight how its OneSource services can help labs tackle IT challenges such as high staff turnover, inconsistent asset management, and regulatory, upgrade and security pressures.  

During the event PerkinElmer is also hosting a luncheon conference session led by Dr Christof Gänzler, Product Marketing Manager, Biology Informatics at PerkinElmer. His workshop, “Solving the Dilemma of Assay Data Analysis: Flexibility vs. Central Data Management,” will dive into how labs can shed outdated spreadsheet software tools and pivot to innovative and intuitive technologies that more efficiently manage data across multiple assay types such as AlphaLISA, enzymatic and SPR.  

Official comments 

“Today’s biopharma labs need ways to more efficiently and effectively capture, pinpoint and leverage their data so they can spot signals and outliers more easily and make smarter and more timely decisions around novel and personalised therapeutics,” said Kevin Willoe, VP/GM of Informatics, PerkinElmer. “Whether looking to curate mountains of assay data, streamline workflows, achieve data reproducibility, or take advantage of real-time collaboration, PerkinElmer’s industry-leading, cloud-based informatics solutions are designed to accelerate successful R&D efforts.” 

Gary Grecsek, VP/GM of OneSource Enterprise Laboratory Services, added, “Data management and digital optimisation is increasingly critical for biopharma labs, but having the right people and expertise levels in-house to cover these areas can be challenging. Our strategic OneSource service teams can help labs better understand and manage where their data, instrument and IT assets live and how they are performing, how to more smoothly incorporate digital and remote lab models accelerated by Covid, and how to get ahead of software technology upgrades as well as security and compliance demands.” 

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