Patients achieve 19% weight loss in obesity drug trial


New data from Boehringer Ingelheim and Zealand Pharma has demonstrated superior efficacy with survodutide (also known as BI 456906) versus placebo in people with overweight or obesity without type 2 diabetes after 46 weeks of treatment.

The findings were presented at the 2023 American Diabetes Association’s 83rd Scientific Sessions in San Diego, CA, US.

The primary endpoint was percentage bodyweight change from baseline to week 46. The Phase II study included two analyses: planned (assigned dose at randomisation) and actual (dose at the end of treatment).

People who completed the study on the 4.8mg dose (actual treatment analysis) achieved nearly 19% weight loss versus just over 2% for those on placebo. Bodyweight reductions with survodutide had not reached a plateau at week 46, suggesting additional weight loss could be achieved with longer treatment duration.

“Given the prevalence of obesity and its many disease-related complications, there is a dire need for treatments that can help treat the disease of obesity effectively,” said Carel le Roux, Professor at University College in Dublin, Ireland, and Principal Investigator of the trial.

“Current treatments for obesity mainly focus on weight loss by reducing energy intake. By activating both the glucagon and GLP-1 receptors, survodutide may both inhibit appetite and improve energy expenditure, thereby helping to treat the disease of obesity. These encouraging data support the further study of survodutide in larger Phase III trials.”

After 46 weeks of treatment, up to 40% of people who reached the highest two doses of survodutide achieved a weight loss of at least 20%, versus 0% with placebo (actual treatment analysis).

Treatment with survodutide did not show unexpected safety or tolerability issues.

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