Luciferase reporter platform for analysing pathway signalling
Luciferase reporter platform for analysing pathway signalling
By Dr Neal Cosby, Promega Corporation
Spring 2012

Reporter vectors have been used with great success in life science research for well over 20 years. Reporter assays are highly adaptable as an endpoint readout for mammalian biology and hence the applications vary widely.

Prime examples include use in promoter analyses, receptor activation studies, RNA interference, stem cell differentiation, and cell signalling1. Additional target-specific applications include use in GPCR studies, such as in modulation (agonist, antagonist, allosterism) studies and also in deciphering GPCR signalling pathways 2,3.

Luciferase-based reporter assays are especially suited to multiple biologic applications as they offer the best sensitivity, ease of use, wide dynamic range and typically do not interfere with quantitation as there is no endogenous activity in mammalian host cells1. Promega’s latest suite of luciferase vectors – pGL4 Vector series – provides additional benefits such as ..........