Partnership aims to boost preclinical services in APAC region

Lab mouse

Humanised mouse model CRO TransCure bioServices and South Korean CRO Preclina have agreed a partnership to improve preclinical development services in the APAC region.

Drug developers in APAC have typically faced many challenges when it comes to preclinical development, from limited access to animal model providers and poor service offering breadth and capacity, to a scarcity of comprehensive, one-stop-shop preclinical partners.

The partnership between TransCure bioServices and Preclina aims to address these challenges, and provide APAC customers with the full suite of advanced preclinical services.

“TransCure’s one-stop-shop offering spans three platforms, more than 50 proven animal models, and a vast selection of technical services,” said Kiave Ho Wang Yin, Chief Business Officer at TransCure bioServices. “By joining forces with Preclina, we further bolster those offerings with extensive autoimmune and inflammatory disease expertise, unlocking new insights for APAC-based developers, while bringing our renowned partnership-rather-than-supplier approach to the region.”

Preclina offers specialised services in autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, such as NASH, fibrosis, arthritis, and scleroderma.

“Combining our know-how and services with TransCure’s offers a unique opportunity to better address the preclinical needs of APAC customers,” said Young Mo Kang, CEO at Preclina. “We look forward to delivering the fruits of this collaboration to our customers, helping them carve a smoother route to better preclinical research for transformative therapeutics and diagnostics.”

Edited by: Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, Drug Discovery World

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