Partners tackle global health challenges through genomics

Map of Latin America

UK-based precision medicine software provider Lifebit has agreed partnerships with two population genomic initiatives in Mexico and Brazil to help diversify genomic research and reduce health inequality in Latin America.

Lifebit’s platform provides a secure way for research organisations to access global biomedical data – helping accelerate precision medicine and drug discovery.

The use of Lifebit’s technology will allow researchers around the world to connect with and securely access the genomic data held by gen-t (Sao Paolo) and (Mexico City) in a secure and compliant manner.

Currently, 78% of all genomic data available for research comes from people with white European ancestry, while less than one percent is from people of Latin American / Hispanic origin – an imbalance that significantly limits the impact of scientific insights for those living in the region.

gen-t was founded by experts in genomics research and aims to include the Brazilian population in precision medicine by recruiting 200k participants to safely collect data on their health, DNA and lifestyle.

Professor Lygia Pereira, CEO and Co-Founder, gen-t Science, said: “Our partnership with Lifebit will provide us with the international connections to safely link Brazilian data to other datasets around the world and boost the availability of more diverse genomic resources for research. This is vital in sustaining this initiative and ensuring people in Brazil can benefit from the latest drugs and scientific discoveries.”

In Mexico, partners with underserved communities and unique patient cohorts to provide global researchers with diverse health-related datasets.

Victor Angel-Mosti, CEO and Founder of, said: “This partnership presents an exciting opportunity to bring the genetic diversity of Latin American populations to the global research agenda. This has the potential to transform global research endeavours whilst also directly benefiting people in Latin America.”

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