Novel CAR T-cell vein-to-vein process could reduce time and cost

CAR-T therapy

A paper in BioRxiv has described a new process that could improve the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell patient experience and reduce costs through a minimisation of the CAR T-cell therapy vein-to-vein process.

The process utilises less than 300ml of whole blood from a blood draw instead of apheresis for the collection of T cells from patients undergoing chimeric antigen receptor CAR T-cell therapy.

Leukapheresis – a specific type of apheresis – is a conventional starting material for CAR T-cell therapy. The procedure poses challenges due to its length and invasiveness, cost, limited capacity of apheresis beds, and resource constraints at the collection centre.

Currently, apheresis requires patients to be connected to a cell separator to collect the T cells by centrifugation and returns the remaining blood components into the body. The procedure must be performed at specialised centres and can last up to five hours.

“Ingenui-T represents the culmination of significant development work and our commitment to improve the patient journey and current industry-standard processes for CAR T-cell therapies by easing the burden on patients and improving outcomes,” said Karen Walker, Chief Technology Officer of Kyverna. “We were able to achieve a process minimisation without compromising the quality of the operations or the characteristics of the resulting product.”

Kyverna’s CD19 CAR T-cell therapy, KYV-101, specifically targets CD19, a protein expressed on the surface of B cells, which is involved in various types of autoimmune diseases.

Kyverna has announced plans to continue to explore additional indications for KYV-101 and develop a robust pipeline of promising product candidate immunotherapies aimed at addressing unmet medical needs in autoimmune diseases.

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