Novadiscovery collaborate with Takeda for new clinical simulation

Novadiscovery (NOVA), a health tech company offering JINKO, a clinical trial simulation platform to predict drug efficacy and optimise clinical trial development, has announced its new collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical. This is aimed at incorporating clinical simulation technology on virtual patients into Takeda France’s access strategy and building on an existing relationship between the companies that began in 2017.

Regulatory agencies are increasingly advocating for the expanded use of in silico technology to improve clinical trial efficiency and increase the probability of regulatory success. Takeda, through its association with NOVA, is taking a step towards incorporating disease modelling and trial simulation in virtual populations in its pipeline development programs.

François-Henri Boissel, CEO of NOVA, said: “We are pleased to announce this new collaboration with Takeda, particularly as it follows on from our existing relationship with this global biopharmaceutical leader. Industry and regulatory bodies are becoming increasingly confident in both the quality of the data obtained through clinical simulation and the verifiable nature of the outcomes, and we are proud to be an integral part of the paradigm change occurring in R&D.”

Thierry Marquet, MD, General Manager, ad interim at Takeda France, said: “Our ambition is to provide faster access to innovations for patients. We are looking forward to applying NOVA’s virtual population simulation technology and in silico research approach as a complement to clinical development plans to support health technology assessment for our innovative therapies.”

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