New research facility for Massachusetts bio hub 

Cutting the red ribbon

Charles River Laboratories International has opened a new Charles River Accelerator and Development Lab (CRADL) facility on Chestnut Street in Somerville, Massachusetts, an emerging life sciences hub.  

The facility is co-located with Nest.Bio, a provider of rentable BSL-2 laboratory and office space.  

The Chestnut Street location will address an increased demand for more flexible vivarium and bench space, as well as on-demand in vivo study support services within the heart of Massachusetts’ industry-leading biopharmaceutical sector. 

“We are excited to bring CRADL to Somerville’s Brickbottom District, an emerging life science hub for biotech development in which startups unable to find lab space in the increasingly crowded Cambridge environment can thrive,” said Colin Dunn, Corporate Senior Vice President, Global Research Models & Services, Charles River.  

“CRADL’s scalable contract vivarium space, combined with Charles River’s extensive preclinical network, supports clients in starting projects quickly, without the costly burden of building infrastructure.” 

The new Somerville facility is situated less than a mile from the established industry presence in Kendall Square. It has private lab suites, rentable lab benches, and office space. 

The CRADL Vivarium Network operates nearly 30 facilities in key biohubs, including: San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, Thousand Oaks, Shanghai, Chengdu and London. 

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