New oncology research and development collaboration


Genmab and Bolt Biotherapeutics have entered into an oncology research and development collaboration. Together, the companies will evaluate Genmab antibodies and bispecific antibody engineering technologies in combination with Bolt’s proprietary Boltbody immune-stimulating antibody conjugate (ISAC) technology platform, with the goal of discovering and developing next-generation, immune-stimulatory, antibody-based conjugate therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

This research collaboration will evaluate multiple bispecific ISAC concepts to identify up to three clinical candidates for development. Genmab will fund the research, along with the preclinical and clinical development of these candidates through clinical proof of concept.

“This exciting collaboration will provide a unique opportunity to combine Genmab’s innovative bispecific antibody technologies with Bolt’s powerful, advanced ISAC technology to develop targeted antibody products with the potential to transform cancer treatment,” said Jan van de Winkel, Chief Executive Officer of Genmab. “Genmab’s partnership approach is part of our DNA and we are pleased to be collaborating with Bolt to develop and deliver potential next-generation cancer therapeutics to patients in need of novel treatment options.”

Randall Schatzman, Chief Executive Officer of Bolt, explained, “Our joint vision is to leverage Genmab’s and Bolt’s innovative technologies to develop a completely new type of ISAC with the aim to transform the way cancer is treated. Creating bispecific ISACs turbo-charged with potent immune stimulants is a novel concept that has tremendous potential for patients. We are delighted to be collaborating with the Genmab team and to have their deep expertise in discovering and developing bispecific antibodies brought to bear on this approach as we continue our mission to develop treatments that address key unmet needs for patients with cancer.”

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